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H-Square offers a broad selection of cassettes in many size, material, dimensions, and applications. Below is a description of our cassette types and the most popular cassette choices. If you don't find what you are looking for here, contact H-Square to discuss your needs and requirements.

Thermal Process Aluminum Cassettes 

H-Square is the oldest and most experience semiconductor high-temperature aluminum wafer cassettes manufacturing. The AMC cassette has proven to provide the best reliability, performance, service life, and value compared to any competitor's products. In addition, cassettes can be ordered in various sizes, slot configuration, wafer stop materials, and surface finishing, giving users many options to meet their specific requirements.

Fuji Bakelite Plastic Process Cassettes and Cases

Fuji Bakelite Co. Ltd Japan manufactures a unique product line of high-quality cassettes and WIP storage cases with new FB-0431 material specifically designed for the semiconductor industry. FB-0431 is an antistatic cyclic olefin copolymer with milled carbon fiber, which is specially compounded and developed as an upgraded material to PP,PC, and PBT and a lower-cost alternative to PEEK. FB-0431 performance is comparable to antistatic PEEK at a fraction of the cost and superior abrasion resistance.

Fuji Bakelite products are tomorrow's standard for semiconductor wafer handling, they feature: 

  • Automation setup - superior dimensional stability; exact repeatability from cassette to cassette
  • Mirco-contamination - unmatched abrasion resistance; lower particle generation
  • ESD-safety - consistent resistivity throughout the product
  • Yield improvements - FB cases eliminate the high particle shedding common with all competitor cases

Machined PTFE Custom Teflon® Process Cassettes 

H-Square designs and manufactures custom plastic cassette and inserts to handle unique substrates and photomask cleaning application. PC design utilize PTFE grade and PFA grade Teflon® parts for excellent chemical and wear resistance.

Designs are offered with either fixed or detachable PTFE handles.

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