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Our wafer handling solutions are recognized worldwide as reliable and advanced tooling. Thanks to our distributors, we can reach more customers and significantly impact the IC industry by providing innovative semiconductor products and services. We value our partners and their cooperation in bringing our automated and manual wafer handling tools to our markets.

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Regions: United States and China 
H-Square was founded in 1975 in Santa Clara, California - a global center of technological innovation. In response to the robust development of the semiconductor industry, in July 2021, we opened a new office in Shanghai, China. Drawing on our resources and experience, we assist companies in realizing their vision of upgrading the semiconductor manufacturing processes for more advanced and automated solutions.


Our distributors and sales representative are located in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Australia. By being closer to our customers worldwide, we understand their needs better, serve them faster, and customize our tooling to their specific requirements for each particular project.


Our sales representatives have broad experience in the IC industry and are ready to assist you with your project today! To find a sales representative close to you, visit one of the three pages: US Representative, Europe Representative, Asia Representative.
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