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July 27, 2020

LCT2 – Low Contact Transfer

By Myron Moreno I July 27, 2022 I

The H-Square LCT2 Wafer Transfer is a third-generation automation transfer tool unique in combining cleanliness and true abrasion resistance for cutting-edge wafer production environments.

Equipped with a new touchscreen, software teach mode, service mode, advanced motion controller, optical sensor package, and simplified transfer head calibration teach-setup, the LCT2 system demonstrates improved reliability, making it the tool of choice for critical wafer transfer applications. The system transfers highly sensitive wafers without stress or abrasion, as required for high value substrates, compound materials, and thin wafer movements.

Designed to emulate a horizontal robot delta movement, the bulk LCT2 transfer rod head delivers superior transfer success rates at a fraction of the time compared to other automatic transfer methods.

In wafer sort and probe areas, the LCT2 transfer system reduces wafer breakage, edge-chipping, while reducing abrasion and particle generation at the metal cassette transfer stations. 

For 76-150mm compound wafer manufacturing, the LCT2 reduces the stresses put on a GaN, InP, GaAs or SiC wafer during the bulk wafer transfer operations.  Less stress on the crystalline structure fosters a reduction in wafer breakages down-process.

H-Square’s LCT2 is available in 76mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm wafer size platforms.

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