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February 8, 2024

Revolutionizing Wafer Storage & Automation Tools with Fuji Bakelite

In recent years, H-Square has become the industry standard for Wafer Fab Automation Tools which meet the unique challenges of SiC, GaN, and other compound semiconductor substrates.

An important partner in H-Square's compound semiconductor industry focuses is Fuji Bakelite Co., Ltd. of Japan.

H-Square is the exclusive distributor in North America and Europe of Fuji Bakelite's Wafer Process Cassette and Storage Boxes.

Fuji Bakelite's Wafer Process Cassettes are constructed from FB-0437, a compound of antistatic (E7-E8) cyclic olefin copolymer and specially milled carbon fiber (COC/CF), an upgraded material to PP, PC, and PBT and a lower-cost alternative to PEEK.

FB Thin Wafer 150mm
FB Thin Wafer 200mm
FB-A 100-200mm

The advantages of this material include dimensional stability, low outgassing, low ion leaching, low particle generation, long lifetime, and anti-static stability comparable to PEEK.

Although the price of FB-0437 is significantly lower than that of PEEK, the superior abrasion resistance of FB-0437 with sharp edge, thin compound semiconductor wafers results in a lower level of particle generation, and thus higher yield, compared with PEEK.

Fuji Bakelite's Storage Boxes feature anti-static transparent ABS covers and anti-static COC bodies, which are dramatically cleaner than conventional PP and PBT cases on the market.

FB-C Advanced WIP Storage Box Case

Considering that even tiny particles can reduce yield on a cutting-edge production line, we recommend this quantum leap in resistance to abrasion.

Founded in 1945, Fuji Bakelite Co., Ltd has manufacturing plants in Japan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam with sufficient capacity to support the increasing demand for cassettes and storage boxes from H-Square's customers.

When developing products for new and advanced applications, Fuji Bakelite adheres to a "Materials First" philosophy.

This has resulted in the company pioneering novel and patented materials without equal in the wafer cassette and storage box industry for more than 20 years.

Are you seeking to increase the productivity and yield of your compound semiconductor Fab or Assembly and Test Facility?

Then consider an H-Square integrated solution featuring compound semiconductor industry leading Automated Wafer Transfer Tools, Wafer Process Cassettes, and Storage Boxes.

Please contact your local H-Square distributor for cassette and case configuration options and materials performance information.

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