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December 11, 2023

Recognizing One Year of Excellence

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are delighted to celebrate our one year anniversary of partnership with HTT Group, STI France, and U4 Global Solutions. This past year has been filled with remarkable achievements and successful collaboration, and we are incredibly grateful for the value you have brought to our business.

About Our Partners

HTT, STI, and U4 Global are our exclusive distributors and the only source in Europe of genuine H-Squared products.

Central Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Liechtenstein, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia

HTT Group

True to their mission, “Reliability and unique value for customers and suppliers”, HTT Group takes pride in being a key player in the Semiconductor Industry. They represent industry-leading manufacturers of systems, consumables, and tools, for various stages, including Wafer Fab, Wafer Sort, Wafer Probe, Wafer Test, Final Test, Assembly and Backend.  

France, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain

Systems & Technologies International France

Since 1992, STI has positioned itself as a premier supplier of semiconductor equipment on a global scale. STI confidently delivers top notch technical service support and spare parts from their bases in Paris, Casablanca, and Malta, serving both Southern Europe and Northern Africa. In 1993, STI along with HTT, pioneered the formation of the European Business Team, a highly effective organization renowned for providing unrivaled independent sales and service in the industry.

United Kingdom and Ireland

U4Global Solutions

U4Global is an international company specializing in sales, marketing, sourcing, and procurement within the semiconductor manufacturing sector. They operate globally with partners in key market areas. Apart from their core activities, they’ve developed software solutions to address issues such as sourcing parts, reducing inventory, and enhancing sales.

Also to note, U4Global Solutions has recently won the NMI - National Microelectronics Institute Manufacturing Supplier of the Year Award 2023 at the Techworks Awards. Congratulations!

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