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February 15, 2023

H-Square Corporation announces two new distributors for Europe

January 23, 2023

H-Square is pleased to announce two new distributors to better represent our products in Europe.

We have recently signed with HTT and STI to be our new distributors in Europe. Both companies have more than thirty years of experience in the microelectronics industry and we are confident that they have the customer centered focus we are looking for.

High Tech Trade GmbH (HTT), will be covering the following territories: Central Europe, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Benelux and Scandinavian countries, and Eastern Europe.


Systems and Technology International (STI), will be covering the following territories: France, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain.


H-Square has been providing an excellent value in a mix of quality Wafer and Mask handling products to the microelectronics industry for over forty-five years.  We are experts in Providing Substrate Handling Solutions. Email info@h-square.com for more information on H-Square products and solutions.

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