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July 27, 2021

BLIS – Bright Light Inspection Station

By Myron Moreno I July 27, 2021 I

H-Square’s second generation BLIS solution is a table-top macro-inspection station that utilizes a bright white 3995 Lumens programmable LED light to detect subtle, low-contrast defects on complex assemblies, like semiconductor wafers, photomasks, and opto-electronic assemblies.

The stray light capturing BLIS can be easily added to the production line to accommodate real-time inspection for scratches, defects, particles and haze with greater accuracy and repeatability than human inspectors with standard ambient lighting conditions. 

The 4000-color temperature LED lighting is ideal in applications requiring macro-inspection of highly complex electromechanical assemblies for sub- and final assembly verification for detection of subtle flaws in high-value components.  A sub-420nm light filter is included with the system for macro inspection applications in the photolithography area.  

The long-life 50,000-hour rated light source only illuminates the inspection area when operator motion is detected.  The BLIS a is fully adjustable for the light intensity and the length of time the light stays on after no-motion is detected inside the box. 

H-Square’s BLIS at 18” x 18” x 18” (450mm) cube is well suited for inspecting wafers from 50-300mm and photomasks/reticles from 4”x4” to 14”x14”. 

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