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Special 4-gripper horizontal antistatic photomask picks for handling 6” reticles to / from a Nikon mask cartridge box. Ordering part number is based on pellicle size and location - grippers are positioned to avoid contact with pellicle frame. (typically loaded into the Nikon cartridge pellicle down). Designed for ISO Class 3 (FS209E Class 1) antistatic construction, chemical resistantTangential edge-grip only; no front or back face of chrome or pellicle contact.

  • Minimal moving parts for simple cleaning and low particle generation.
  • Lightweight, economical and easy-to-use with trigger-type gripping mechanism.
  • V-type grippers allow masks with beveled edges to be loaded from flat surfaces.
  • Antistatic construction for ESD-safety control of the chrome architecture.
Wafer Size5 in, 6 in
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Dimensions 15 × 6 × 6 in
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