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December 3, 2021

斯科维尔(上海)半导体设备有限公司 – H-Square (Shanghai) Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd.

By Anna Allustiarti I Dec. 3, 2021 I

Santa Clara, C.A. July 2021 – H-Square opened a new office in Shanghai, China, in response to the robust development of the semiconductor industry in that region.

Since 1975, H-Square, a leader in semiconductor handling tools, has been bringing innovation to the field, adopting cutting-edge technologies, and expanding to new customer sectors. The company’s current objective is to reconfigure existing tooling with innovative applications and expand our offerings to new locations to strengthen our global position.

With a network of 24 countries worldwide, we have always paid close attention to the global market and now sensed the opportunities arising from the economic development in Shanghai. The city is recognized as having technological innovation and financing indexes in the top three of the country. With an index of 86.73, Shanghai topped the list of Chinese cities with the best business environment, according to a report on China’s urban business environment index jointly released by the China Strategic Culture Promotion Association, the China Economic Media Association, WANB Institute, and YICAI Research Institute.

Drawing on resources and professional experience from our global network, H-Square aims to assist companies in China in realizing their vision of upgrading the semiconductor manufacturing processes for more advanced and automated solutions.

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